"You have done so many things for me, such as visits to doctors, where you stayed with me to assist; grocery shopping without me; and especially clothes shopping with me where you helped me decide, get in to the jeans, and look all over Talbots to find other articles--that was really helping beyond all expectations. I consider you a friend in need, much beyond Let Us Do That."

Mary Grady

senior help


"Let Us Do That is a great service. They do my grocery shopping since I've developed some mobility problems, and are really concerned about shopping accurately and delivering promptly. Also, they are really nice, friendly and flexible. I highly recommend them because I think any service they provided would be as outstanding as the one they do for me."

Roxanna Jones

Appointment Companion

"An indispensable service!"




"I was very pleased with your work and always felt I could trust you completely, which is so very important!"

Ulla Sudhakaran

senior help


"Kelley and crew at Let Us Do That were a huge help when my elderly parents went to Lexington to visit my aunt for a big reunion weekend. I really didn’t want my parents to navigate the process of renting a car, much less drive anywhere. My parents and my aunt were at first very reluctant to use the services. But after the first trip they were hooked--being driven around was so pleasant and comfortable and they didn’t have to worry about directions or traffic! Mom’s been raving about the whole experience and I’m personally very grateful. My advice is to hire Let Us Do That and let them do it all!"

Kris Dwyer

Less Stress

“Let Us Do That takes my mother to the grocery, picks up prescriptions, and takes her to get her hair cut when I’m working.They are patient, kind and dependable. My mother and I feel blessed to have Let Us Do That in our lives.”

Kathleen Robinson

senior assistance
grocery shopping and delivery


"My husband is bed-ridden, my knees hurt when I walk on hard surfaces, and I hate grocery shopping. My daughter kept telling me to find someone to help me get groceries. Now I have Kelley and Susan, always smiling and cheerful, bringing my groceries every week. All I have to do is make the list and put the groceries in the cupboard. I've also realized it is so nice to have someone else pick up prescriptions or drug store items. I'm so grateful for my 'pushy' daughter who found
Let Us Do That. It's like having extra family nearby."

Sandy Welch


Let Us Do That provides personal assistant services for seniors, busy parents, single professionals, people at home with health issues or after surgery, anyone on the go, and others. We Can When You Can't. See what some of our many customers have to say:

Like Family

"Kelley and Susan do such a great job with helping my Mom. With a family and travel for my job,

Let Us Do That really takes the burden off by providing daily services like going to the grocery, doctor appointments and walking my mother's dog. They are the next best thing to family."

Philip Geoghegan

Life Savers

"I'm a single father and surgeon--and my daughter lives with me full time. I don't know what I would do without
Let Us Do That. Thank you so much--you guys are life savers!"

Derek Weiss, M.D.

Partner Client

"I've used Let Us Do That in Lexington a few times and they have been a great help!"

2 Places at 1 Time, Les Concierges Atlanta, GA

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personal shopper
personal assistants in Lexington, KY
errand running
errand running

Just What We Need

"Our time in Kentucky with our family is precious, and the last thing we want to do is spend it running errands.
Let Us Do That has taken burdensome tasks off our lists and freed up our days to do what we want to do instead of picking up groceries, going to the dry cleaners, taking pants to be hemmed, and those endless trips to Target. And they do all of these things with a smile

Benita Riley

errands shopping
errands shopping


"I would like to add my thanks for your capable service. Especially being handicapped, it’s very nice having someone I can rely on to help me filter through paper work and understand doctor's instructions. You are always prompt and get me to my destination on time. In addition, I do appreciate your patience in finding obscure items at the grocery that I think I have to have!  Your friendship is invaluable."

Frances Carmody

pet care


"With our recent relocation to the area I had no support system to transport my teenager to and from appointments. Let Us Do That stepped in and helped provide safe and reliable transportation as needed. My teenager felt comfortable and looked forward to her time with Kelley. I cannot thank Kelley enough for providing the services she offers. There is no doubt that I will be using Let Us Do That in the future!"

Jen Gunnarson

Peace of Mind

"I trust Let Us Do That completely. With no family here, they give me peace of mind that things will be taken care of."

Susannah Cook

grocery shopping


"I had to have an out patient procedure at Good Samaritan and they required someone to drive me home. Kelley kept in communication with me over the last month while setting this up, and was available to hospital staff today to confirm pick up details. She was very reliable, and I would highly recommend her."


patient transportation


"Let Us Do That allowed us to be with friends and family out of town during the Christmas holidays. Knowing that Whalen and Barron were so well taken care of while we were gone helped us relax and enjoy the holidays even more!"

Whitney O'Brien

(859) 219-9207

personal assistant services

in Lexington, KY