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Most people consider grocery shopping a necessary but time-consuming task and would prefer to be doing other things. Other people are just not physically able to do their own shopping anymore. And even with online grocery shopping, picking up your groceries, bringing them in and putting them away can be a task you just can't do or find time for. The same is true for clothes shopping, gift shopping and shopping for home items. And even when purchased online, returns seem to be inevitable and can be a pain. As your personal shopper we can:

  • Do your grocery shopping for you
  • Deliver, bring in and put away your groceries
  • Buy clothes and return them
  • Shop for gifts and process returns
  • Buy items for parties and events
  • Shop for your children's needs
  • Pick up food and other items for your pets
  • Help you with online shopping

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Martha's story

(name changed, story true)

Martha is 93, still living independently at home, and cooks every Saturday night for her best friend. She just doesn't drive anymore so needs help with grocery shopping, gift shopping, accompaniment at doctor appointments, and transportation to and from her weekly hair appointment. Oh, and then there's the time when Martha wanted some skinny jeans. Not only did we help her shop for them, but helped her zip them up in the dressing room too! The world definately needs more Martha's.

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