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home care

Whether you are going on vacation, traveling for work, or just need some extra assistance at home, let us help. If you're going away and need someone to look after your home and pets, we are a great choice to put your mind at ease. We can feed and visit with your pets multiple times a day, turn lights on and off, bring in your mail, water plants, and whatever else you need. We can also be there for contractors when you can't be, help you with organization projects, help you get ready for a garage sale, stage your home for selling, and other general projects. We can:

  • Watch over your home when you're away
  • Feed, take care of your pets
  • Help with gardening and water plants when you're away
  • Bring in mail
  • Oversee contractors
  • Help you get ready for a garage sale
  • Help with organization projects
  • Other general home care

Janet's story

(name changed, story true)

Janet is a medical doctor, married to a husband with an equally busy job, has two active kids, and a few pets. The one time of year for some quality family time is a few weeks around the Christmas holiday when they take a vacation together. They have a Jack Russell dog that's used to being outside all day, a cat that's old and almost blind, and whatever pets the kids have at the time (sometimes fish, sometimes hamsters, who knows!). So boarding the pets is not a great option. And really, all they need is someone trustworthy to come in a few times a day to take care of the pets, bring in the mail, check the house, turn on and off lights, etc. Let Us Do That is perfect for Janet's family.

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