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Jill's story

(name changed, story true)

Jill is a single professional with a beloved (and very spoiled!) dog. Jill lives in a small apartment and has an unpredictable work schedule. When Jill knows she has a particularly long day ahead, she pampers her "baby" by dropping her off at doggy daycare for a day of fun. Problem is, Jill has to work in to the night and can't pick her up before the daycare closes. So, Let Us Do That picks Jill's "baby" up from daycare, walks her, feeds her, and puts her in her safe place at home until Jill can get there. All is good with the world.


Whether you are a senior who no longer drives, a busy parent balancing work and children's activities, need a designated driver for outpatient surgery, have health issues or are rehabilitating from surgery, we can get you where you or your loved ones need to go. We are fully insured, and are happy to stay with you or your loved one(s) at the appointment or event. Our transportation services help you:

  • Get to doctor appointments and physical therapy
  • Transport your pet(s) to groomer, vet, day care
  • Take your parent(s) grocery shopping and more
  • Get your kids around when you can't
  • Get you to and from the airport
  • Accompany you for outpatient surgery

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