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Betty's story

(name changed, story true)

Betty has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. For the first year we helped Betty she lived alone in her house with her beloved dog companion. We helped Betty with everything from going grocery shopping and running errands with her, to filling up her pill case every week, taking her to and accompanying her at doctor appointments, and walking/caring for her dog. We also found an Alzheimer's support group and went with her every week for two months. Our relationship grew ever closer, and eventually we also helped her with insurance statements, bills, bank statements, and even making phone calls to her sister in Ireland. Betty eventually needed to move to an assisted living facility, but we still help her by taking her beloved dog (who's still with her) for long walks, to get groomed, and to the vet when necessary. We've become very close to Betty and her family, and love sitting and talking with her at her new home. Sometimes we help her write letters to her sister in Ireland, or maybe just dial the phone to her sister for her. Betty lights up when she sees us coming in, and that always makes us happy.

senior assistance

Life is hard for even the healthiest of us. But unfortunately as we get older or have health issues routine tasks can become unmanageable.That's where we come in. We are trustworthy, experienced, tech-savvy, and can be your right hand. We can assist you by doing things like:

  • Grocery shopping, with or without you
  • Pick up prescriptions and help you fill pill cases
  • Take you to doctor and other appointments
  • Accompany you with doctors
  • Deliver meals
  • Provide general help around the home
  • Walk your dog(s) and care for your pets
  • Help you manage business and administrative tasks
  • Help you with your computer, cell phone, TV and more